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Why Ball Fitting is Important in Choosing the Perfect Golf Ball for You

Why Ball Fitting is Important in Choosing the Perfect  Golf Ball for You

Have you ever thought that choosing a golf ball that’s right for you can make a huge difference in your performance in the course?

But, as a golf lover, how do you determine if a ball fits you?

Okay, let me help you FIND your MATCH.

  • First, Know thyself. Assess your playing capacity. Your skill level matters the most when deciding on a golf ball. It is important that you should be aware of your swing speed and how much control you have of the ball to help you make your decision.

When it comes to golf balls There are many different kinds of balls, all made with different specifications and are made for different types of players.

Hope this guide could help you:

  • If you just started playing or a beginner, buying expensive balls won’t help. Chances are you don’t hit the ball very far and if you do, you struggle to keep it in the fairway. Expensive balls are designed for increased control which means that they are meant to spin more and if you already hit a slice, your ball is spinning enough. In gaining some distance, your ball will spin less and fly straighter.
  • If you’ve never broken 80 but you can get under 90 will relative ease, you probably fall in this group of player. Chances are that you don’t necessarily need an extra 10 yards of distance off the tee so you have to find a ball that is a bit softer. It may be beneficial to consult your local pro and tell him what you’re looking for.
  • If you’re an advanced player you probably already know that is very important playing the correct ball to improve your game. A little experimentation with other types of balls never hurt anyone though.

After assessing your skill level, you can take a look at the areas you need help with. Questions like; how’s my direction? How’s my distance? Then, maybe you need a ball to help you get more distance.

  • Next, you have to differentiate the spin rate and ball speed. According to the technical definition stated at, the spin rate is the rate of rotation of the golf ball around the resulting rotational axis of the golf ball immediately after the golf ball separates from the club face.

A high spin rate is an enemy, particularly when hitting into the wind. One way to reduce spin is to hit a lower lofted club.

Ball speed is the speed of the golf ball immediately after impact created by club speed and impact.

Although a golfer’s club speed is key to potential distance, the ball speed that is created at impact is the biggest factor in how far the ball actually carries.

  • And then,Try different balls under different conditions — The best way to find the perfect ball is still to try it out and see how it feels.
  • Practice with multiple types of ball. Buy one sleeve of each kind, if there are few balls that you are interested in. Take them to the green and try practicing with them. This gives you a chance to feel them out before you play an actual game. Focus on each one of them and have time to take notes of its differences. That way, you will be able to match the ball with your skill.

Do golfers struggle in choosing the right ball for their swing? Yes, they do!

Fact: all balls are not created equally. They may have the same color, size and shape and all have dimpled surface, but they have differences. They have a different spin rate, trajectory characteristics, and specifications.

That’s why it is a must to do ball fitting before buying a golf ball to know which balls fit your specific skill.

Fortunately, Forté might be able to help you. It is designed to help golfers like you identify the ball that would give you the best performance and probably bring you to the next level.  Forté Golf Ball Fitting guide will take you through the selection process step by step using your skills while depending on your personal choice to choose which ball you desire.

Ball fitting must be done before purchasing a golf ball. Let me tell you why.

It is important that one should consider golf ball fitting. According to, choosing the right ball is even more important than finding the right club. You must keep in mind that golf balls are not created equally. Each ball was made from different materials depending on the driver’s distance.

Here are the additional benefits of ball fitting.  

  • Through ball fitting, you will be able to identify the kind of ball that would best fit you.
  • You don’t have to fight with your own ball on the golf course.
  • Using the right ball in the course would make a big difference. It is the key to improve your game.
  • GolfDigest stated that according toElliott Mellow,Ball Fitting is the foundation for what golfers do.
  • Ball Fitting gives you more chances of gaining the highest score.

Whether you ask help from a pro or seek help from an online  ball fitting in testing the performance of different balls, it’s all worth it. Ball fitting will give you a full orientation to the variety of ball construction and will help you pinpoint the kind of ball that would best fit you.

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