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PUTTING - By Shane Barron (Gabba)

Putting makes up 40% of your total score and is therefore the most crucial part of your game to target in order to shoot lower scores.


TECHNIQUE. When we look at an effective putting technique it is very simple. The main thing that we are trying to achieve is create a pendulum with the shoulders, arms and putter while the rest of our body stays absolutely still.

Everyone already knows this. The problems start when we become too focused on the OUTCOME and not the PROCESS. When we are worried about the OUTCOME our eyes follow the ball straight of the putter face and then our head moves also. If this habit continues, then our upper body also moves to help us watch the ball. If we watch the best players in the world on TV, they do not move there head until the putter has stopped moving at the finish of the putting stroke. They make sure that they complete the PROCESS in order to get the best possible OUTCOME. When I was a kid getting lessons off Charlie Earp, he told me that if I had a putt that was under 3 foot that I shouldn't even see the ball go into the hole. By the time that my stroke had stopped, the ball was already entering the cup.

PRACTICE. When I was out playing in Pro-Ams, I was always amazed that the practice putting green was full of Pros getting ready for there round while the Ams stood around and watched. Spending 5 minutes before you tee off to get a feel for your stroke and the pace of the greens is a must. If you 3 putt the first 5 greens because your speed is out, then your 5 shots down already. Then your confidence is down and you are likely to keep on 3 putting. Get on the practice green and give yourself the best possible chance of shooting a good number.

CONFIDENCE. If you ask 100 golfers about there putting, 90-95 of them will tell you that they are no good. If you practice a simple and effective technique and get yourself to the putting green so you know the speed of the greens - Then you will be confident of holing more putts. When you are confident then you TRUST your stroke more. When you trust your stroke you can stay still over the ball, make a good PROCESS and get a good OUTCOME.