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Kids Golf Clubs

Bring along your kids and kit them out with the coolest junior golf equipment we sell in store or online. Golf Clearance Outlet has adjustable junior golf sets to match your child’s needs even as they grow. Enhance their golf skill as early as you can and have them play like a pro in no time. If you want any more information about our kids golf sets, come and visit us or give us a call today!

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Juniors Golf

Golf clearance outlet has a wide range of equipment tailored for junior golfers. Including clothing gear, whole club sets and individual clubs. We offer great deals on high quality Junior clubs from high end brands. These brands include Cleveland, Wilson, Pro FX and Real Kids.

Golf Clearance outlet offers clubs for the ages 3 up, making sure that no matter how young, we will have equipment that is right for you.

It is really important to note that junior equipment is not the same as adult gear. Junior clubs are  lighter, smaller and are much shorter in length. They are built with more flexible shafts and smaller grip size to accommodate smaller hands. These adjustments help junior golfers grow and develop a swing that suits them physically.

Golf Clearance Outlet Guarantee

Our price beat guarantee means that if you find a lower priced identical stocked item that's in stock with a competitor (even if it's on special), we won't just match it, we'll beat it by 5%. That's our commitment to you in getting the best deals in Australia.

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 Frequently asked questions

How young do you have to be to start playing golf?

Golf is a great sport to get into at a young age. A lot of kids are given a club or a small set to get them started. If your child is showing an interest in golf, it is a great time to introduce them to the sport and get them out on the course or to a driving range and swinging a club. We offer clubs suited for the ages 3 years onwards to make sure no matter how young you are, there is always an option that suits. 
What age are junior clubs for?

We offer a wide range of sets tailored towards specific age groups. The age ranges we offer club sets for are listed below:3-5 years old  -  4-6 years old  -  5-8 years old   -  9-12 years old

What’s the difference in golf clubs that are targeted towards different ages?

The main difference is the height and weight of the clubs.  The younger ages 3-5 are much shorter clubs and are much lighter in weight in comparison to the 9–12-year-old clubs. Depending on the junior golfer size and strength that can either go within their age bracket or lower/higher to better suit their swing.

How do you choose golf clubs for juniors?

Choosing the right set of clubs can be a difficult task for both juniors and adults. When buying new golf equipment it is vital that you buy clubs that not only compliment your golf ability but also your swing. As a junior it is important that your golf clubs match your height and strength to get the best out of your swing.

How many clubs are in a junior golf set?

The number of clubs in a set differs from each one. In our range we offer sets with 3,4 and 5 clubs in them. Our three golf clubs’ sets include an Iron, Putter, and a Driver. Our four golf club sets include and Iron, Putter, Driver, and a Wedge. Our five golf club sets include 2 difference size Irons, Putter, Driver, and a Wedge

Wilsons green golf club setWilsons blue golf club set

What brands do you offer in Junior sizes?

Golf Clearance Outlet offers great quality Junior clubs from high end brands. These brands include Cleveland, Wilson, Pro FX and Real Kids.

How do you explain golf to kids?

Explaining golf to kids can be confusing but it's important to keep it simple. Golf is an outdoor sport that is played with different sized clubs and a small ball. It played on grass over a large area referred to as a course. The aim of the sport is to hit the ball into a series of small holes along the course. The overall goal is to hit the ball into the holes with as few hits as possible. Lowest score wins. The best way to start is to let them find their own way for a while with only small hints on how to swing a club. A great deal of kids are put off by an overzealous ‘Teacher’.

How to make golf fun for juniors?

Unlike team sports, golf can sometimes seem boring to juniors. It can be a difficult sport that requires a lot more practice and patience in comparison to other sports such as soccer or football. Plus it can be lonely if you don’t have friends to do it with. If you want to get your youngster into golf it is important to keep it fun! Most clubs have a junior section so get along to a session and see how your child goes with the group. It’s a very good sport for helping kids with their social skills and making new friends.Make sure you are well prepared with lots of snacks, water and sunscreen out on the course. Plus, you can never go wrong with a cart. This allows for kids to walk when they have the energy and have the option of riding in a cart when they are tired. It is also important to adjust the distance so it suits the ability of your junior. It can be disheartening for juniors when they are placed on a course that’s too difficult. Adapting the distance to a challenging yet achievable goal. 

Real Kids green putterReal kids blue putter