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Golf Rangefinders

Our great range of golf course GPS Range Finders are priced to sell. We stock the best Precision Pro rangefinders and of course Sureshot Rangefinders at low prices. Along with the range finders on this page, we also have more golf gps devices available such as watches and gps accessories

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Using a rangefinder for golf can be a crucial element that can help you improve your game. Golf rangefinders give exact distances when measured. This knowledge can drastically improve your game.  The Laser Rangefinder uses a laser beam directed towards a target to determine its distance. The laser is pointed towards the target and pings on it, your target then reflects the laser back to the rangefinder. The distance is calculated by using the time it takes for the laser to reflect back to the device.The features you can find in our range of Rangefinders are crystal clear optics, pin- locking, slope technology, water resistance, pulse vibrations and great reliability backed by warranties.

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Frequently asked questions

Is a rangefinder worth it for golf?

Laser Rangefinders are extremely beneficial if you are looking to improve your game. The ability to determine distance, gives you a clear idea on how far you need to hit the ball.

Where do you aim a rangefinder?

Simply look through the optic and get your target in the scope. Press the button to fire the laser at the target and hey presto! The unit will flash the distance up on the screen as you are still looking through the lens. It’s very easy and super fast. Not to mention highly accurate.

Are all golf rangefinders the same?

All golf rangefinders vary due to many different functions and capabilities, some rangefinders may read less than 400 yards in comparison to others reading up to a 1000.  Their functionality differs from some having pin-locking and slope technology. Pin locking allows for you to focus onto a direct target whereas slope will generate a more accurate distance to the flag if it’s uphill or downhill. A good golf rangefinder will have a great clear image, a durable strong outer body and up to date technology. These are the key features to look out for in a rangefinder to improve your golf game.

Pro FX Sharp ShooterShot Scope PRO LX Laser Orange & H4 GPS Combo

Are golf rangefinders accurate?

Golf rangefinders are now more accurate than they have ever been, with most providing accuracy within one yard. One of the key differences between more expensive rangefinders in comparison to more inexpensive ones, is that the cheaper ones are harder to keep steady, which therefore affects the accuracy of the reading. 

How long should a golf rangefinder last?

How long they last really depends on how you take care of it. The average golf rangefinder can last a long time if taken care of correctly, in a protective case and regularly using a cleaning cloth, you should expect to get many years from your rangefinder. However, the main reason golfers look to change their rangefinder is not because it stops working, it is because technology has continued to improve, and they are looking to upgrade their current set up. Be sure to check out our Precision Pro range which has a lifetime battery replacement. Just drop into any of our stores with your unit and the guys in there will look after you!

Are professional golfers allowed to use rangefinders?

Professional golfers are not able to use rangefinders in the majority of competitions. However, they would use them during their practice sessions. The slope function of a rangefinder is not allowed for amateurs to use during a competition round at your local club. Be careful to make sure you have it switched to normal use. 

Can I use my golf rangefinder for other sports?

They can be very useful in other activities, such as hunting, archery or bird watching.  Golf Rangefinders functionality crosses over in effectiveness quite similar to hunting. In golf, what makes a rangefinder effective is the estimate of distance between you and the spot you want to hit the ball