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Ladies Golf Clubs

The Golf Clearance Outlet stocks a lovely range of ladies golf equipment. Drivers, Fairways, Hybrids & irons from top brands like Srixon, Taylormade Kalea, Taylormade M2, Taylormade M4, Taylormade M6 & Wilson Golf.

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    MD Golf SR1 Driver - Ladies
    MD Golf SR1 Driver - Ladies
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22 products found.

Ladies Golf Clubs

Find quality clubs at great discounts on womens golf equipment and apparel right here at Golf Clearance Outlet. We are a proud industry leader offering tens of thousands of products from golf's hottest brands. We source the best products and brands in golf to ensure our customers the best quality items for the lowest price.

When buying new golf equipment it is vital that you buy clubs that compliment your golf ability and also your swing. Women tend to have a slower swing which is why women's clubs are generally made to be more lightweight. Lighter golf clubs are easier to build clubhead speed up through the swing and subsequently gain more distance. Ladies with a faster swing speed could look for something a little heavier as it will tend to give them more control in the swing.

Pictured below to the left is the Ladies TaylorMade SIM2 Max Fairway Wood, featuring a C300 steel face. This complements the V Steel sole to help the SIM2 Max fairway wood generate the highest launch and trajectory of the SIM2 fairway range. Featuring a large head size, it’s easy to launch and delivers the kind of distance and playability that appeals to a wide range of skill levels.

Pictured below to the right is the Ladies TaylorMade SIM2 Max Irons.The set (Ladies) features an all new fast and forgiving face to give golfers more performance and ECHO Damping system to channel away harsh vibrations creating forged iron like feel.

Buying the right equipment

A key element to look at when searching for your perfect equipment is the shaft, the loft, the grip and the clubhead. It is vital to get the correct length of shaft when buying golf clubs. This involves considering your height, body type and physical strength. As a general rule, taller Women golf players tend to need a longer shaft to play their best whereas shorter Women golfers tend to suit a smaller shaft. The shaft weight and flex can play a huge role in getting close to optimal performance. All of our stores have experts and ball flight tracking to help you in making the right choice.

The loft - the loft angle refers to the angle formed by a line running down the center of the shaft to the face of the club. A lower lofted club should make the ball go further in comparison to a higher loft. For example a 5 iron should hit the ball further than a 6 iron.

The grip size is another consideration to look at when buying golf clubs. It is important to make sure the grip is comfortable and suitable for your hand size. A good way to check this is to take your grip on a club and see if your pinkie and ring finger are only just touching the soft part of your palm below your left thumb (for a right handed player). If they are, you’re very close to the ideal grip size. If not it’s usually a good sign that your grips could be too big or small.

Clubheads come in a variety of sizes including standard, midsize and oversized. Your choice of clubhead will tend to depend on your ability and overall experience level. Many beginners tend to prefer a bigger clubhead with a thicker top edge and sole. This generally means the club is more forgiving with a large sweetspot and overall distance - definitely something that everyone wants more of!

Alongside Ladies clubs, don’t forget to check out our ladies golf balls, Ladies gloves, Ladies apparel and Ladies Shoes! Here at Golf Clearance Outlet, we have a wide range that is sure to make your golf game and experience more enjoyable than ever!

Golf Clearance Outlet Guarantee

Our price beat guarantee means that if you find a lower priced identical stocked item that's in stock with a competitor (even if it's on special), we won't just match it, we'll beat it by 5%. That's our commitment to you in getting the best deals in Australia.

Frequently asked questions

How do I choose what Ladies golf clubs to buy?

Before purchasing golf clubs, it’s good to know your measurements, physical strength, swing movement characteristics and overall experience with golf. Giving us a call or dropping in for advice is highly recommended. Our in-store technology means you can try before you buy.

Measurements : Golf clubs come in a wide range of sizes so it is important to look for the right measurements to fit you. If you need slightly larger or shorter clubs we can make sure you get them to fit you perfectly.

Physical strength and Movement characteristics: Golf clubs are made with different weights due to the kind of result you are looking for. Heavier weighted clubs are generally for a more powerful swing. It is important to get a club that matches your strength.

Experience : experience is vital to think about when choosing what golf clubs to buy. More higher end and expensive models are usually tailored to more experienced players.

One of the best and easiest ways to make sure you get the perfect club for you is to try before you buy. Come down to one of our stores to get a feel for our clubs and take a few practice swings ! Our staff are more than happy to show you our range and provide recommendations and help you make an informed decision before you buy.

What height are womens golf clubs designed for?

Standard ladies golf clubs are designed for people that are about 5 feet 7 inches tall, although it’s not an exact science. If you are a little bit taller or shorter than 5’7 you are likely to have slightly longer or shorter arms to compensate for the length of the clubs. Women over that height might want to look at the Mens range as they may be more suitable for their game although this is relatively rare.

What is the difference between Ladies and Mens golf clubs?

Women’s golf clubs are usually lighter, shorter with a smaller grip size in comparison to Mens. The main difference between Womens and Mens golf clubs is that Women's clubs are lighter and easier to swing. Women’s golf clubs have a lighter clubface, lighter and more flexible shafts along with slimmer and lighter grips.

Grip size is also a key difference in the difference between Men and Women's clubs. Women tend to have smaller sized hands leading them to need smaller grip sizes on their clubs.

Altogether, Women have lighter club shafts, a lighter clubface, and slimmer and lighter grips. This all adds up to make the combination as user friendly as possible.

Why are Womens Golf clubs different to Mens Golf clubs?

One of the main differences between Men and Women’s golf clubs is the length of the club. A standard golf club length for men is made for a person of a height 5 feet 9 inches or taller whereas Womens are designed in mind of someone of the height of 5 feet 7 inches or shorter.

Another difference is the weight of the Golf clubs. Men’s golf clubs tend to be heavier. The different levels of muscle strength, golf clubs are designed to reflect this difference between genders. As Men generally tend to be stronger than women, their clubs are often heavier. Whereas Women clubs are lighter allowing for them to have full control over the club and create maximum clubhead speed in their swing.

Can Women use Men's Golf Clubs?

Women can absolutely use Mens golf clubs! If women find that the Mens golf clubs are better suited to them and their game,it’s a great idea to give men’s clubs a go. There is no reason why women wouldn’t be able to play with Mens golf clubs! Male golf clubs are usually designed for people over 5’ feet 9 inches or taller.