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Golf Clothing

Step onto the course with confidence in the latest collection of golf clothing from leading Australian and international brands. 

Stocking an extensive range of golf clothes for men, women’s golf clothes and junior golf apparel, discover top-tier golf brands including Adidas, Greg Norman, Sporte Leisure, Titleist & FootJoy, TaylorMade, and more at discounted prices.

From polos, pants and shorts, to skirts, skorts, jumpers, vests, waterproofs and accessories, The Golf Clearance Outlet will have you looking and feeling your best everywhere from the fairway to the green.

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  1. Adidas Club Wind Vest - Grey


    Adidas Club Wind Vest - Grey
    Adidas Club Wind Vest - Grey
    Special Price $49.00 Regular Price $89.99 $40.99 OFF RRP
  2. Adidas Driver S Polo - Black


    Adidas Driver S Polo - Black
    Adidas Driver S Polo - Black
    Special Price $49.00 Regular Price $80.00 $31.00 OFF RRP
  3. Adidas Driver S Polo - White


    Adidas Driver S Polo - White
    Adidas Driver S Polo - White
    Special Price $49.00 Regular Price $80.00 $31.00 OFF RRP

Items 1-30 of 348


What To Consider When Buying Golf Clothing

Your choice of golf clothes can significantly impact your level of comfort, performance, and the overall experience you have on the golf course.

From materials and fit to dress codes and weather adaptability, here are some valuable tips to help you curate a golf wardrobe that aligns seamlessly with both your sense of style and the demands of the game.

Comfort and Fit

Golf clothing is typically slim-fitting to achieve a tailored silhouette, while also delivering optimal comfort to enable you to perform at your best. Ideally, you want to choose garments crafted from breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics with ample stretch to provide unrestricted movement with every swing.

Pay attention to details like adjustable waistbands that allow you to tailor a garment to your physique. When choosing a polo, opt for designs featuring a slightly longer length to ensure the shirt remains tucked with each swing at the ball. Articulated sleeves will also prevent the sleeves from riding up and provide an enhanced overall fit.

Material and Fabric Technology

The fabric a garment is constructed from can impact everything from your performance to how comfortable you are on the course.

Look for lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics, such as polyester blends or technical knits, that will keep you cool and dry while also helping to efficiently manage sweat. Garments featuring mesh panels can also provide additional ventilation and aid in temperature regulation. Some innovative fabric technologies also feature quick-drying and anti-odor properties to keep you feeling fresh throughout your round.

Stretch is also crucially important to ensure you can enjoy a full range of motion and a more fluid golf swing. Fabrics integrating spandex or elastane tend to provide enhanced stretch and flexibility for greater ease of movement.

UV coverage is another important factor, with many types of golf apparel now utilizing innovative fabric tech with in-built UV protection. Garments constructed from recycled materials can also be a desirable option for the environmentally-conscious golfer.

Weather Versatility

Golf clothing needs to provide adequate protection against the elements as conditions can vary considerably depending on where and when you play.

When investing in golf apparel, opt for a mix of short and long-sleeved options, along with some convertible pieces that will allow you to adapt to fluctuating weather conditions and remain comfortable and focused on your game.

Items that can be layered and easily added or removed based on changes in temperature or conditions are ideal. Insulated options are desirable when playing on cold mornings or windy days. Also consider investing in some golf wet weather gear, such as a golf rain jacket, to keep you protected from rain and light drizzles when unfavorable weather hits.

Style and Dress Codes

It’s great to develop your own golf clothing style; however, golf courses are known for upholding strict rules relating to attire, both on and off the course. Even if you’re playing at a public course, there are a few basic rules you should be aware of:

Collared shirts: Many golf courses require players to wear collared polo shirts. T-shirts and tank tops are typically not allowed.

Garment length: Golf shorts, skirts, or skorts are often required to be an appropriate length (typically knee-length).

Avoid denim: Denim clothing is generally not permitted on the golf course or in clubhouses.

Golf shoes: Soft-spiked golf shoes are usually required on the course, especially in areas where traditional metal spikes are prohibited.

Hats and visors: While hats are encouraged on-course for sun protection, some golf courses have rules about removing hats in indoor spaces and dining areas.

It's always good to check with the specific golf course for their dress code policies. Provided you stick to purchasing your golf apparel from well-known brands like those stocked by Golf Clearance Warehouse, you can generally rest easy knowing your golf attire should meet the dress codes of most clubs.

Accessories - Hats, Socks and Belts

When selecting accessories like hats, socks, and belts, prioritize functionality and comfort.

A hat is essential for enhanced on-course visibility and UV-protection. Whether you opt for a form-fitting cap, visor, or wide-brimmed hat, most headwear from leading golf apparel brands will be constructed from breathable, moisture-wicking materials to keep your head cool and dry, especially on warmer days.

When choosing socks, whether you prefer a low cut, ankle, or crew sock is entirely up to you. Just look for socks made from a breathable material with in-built cushioning and arch support for optimal comfort during long rounds.