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Find the perfect golf bag for your needs at low, low prices. With a wide range of the most popular brands of golf bags for sale, such as Adidas, Callaway and Bridgestone golf bags, you can find something for everyone - from the occasional weekend player to dedicated golf fanatics - at The Golf Clearance Outlet. We stock Cart Bags, Stand Bags and other styles of golf bags to suit everyones needs.


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  1. Pro FX SkyTrain Travel Cover


    Pro FX SkyTrain Travel Cover
    Pro FX SkyTrain Travel Cover
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  2. TaylorMade TM24 FlexTech Grey


    TaylorMade TM24 FlexTech Grey
    TaylorMade TM24 FlexTech Grey
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    TaylorMade TM24 FlexTech Navy
    TaylorMade TM24 FlexTech Navy
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  4. TaylorMade TM24 FlexTech Black


    TaylorMade TM24 FlexTech Black
    TaylorMade TM24 FlexTech Black
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Items 1-30 of 78


What To Consider When Choosing a Golf Bag

Whether you're an experienced golfer or stepping onto the green for the first time, selecting the right golf bag is crucial for a comfortable and organised game.

From considering the type of bag that suits your playing style to understanding the materials and features that can enhance your experience, if you’re unsure how to choose a golf bag, here are some essential tips to help you find the right one.

Different Bag Types

When buying a golf bag, you’ll have a choice between a few different bag types, each offering different benefits.

Stand golf bags - Stand bags are highly portable, lightweight golf bags with retractable, fold-out legs which allow them to stand upright wherever you go. They typically include padded straps for easy carrying, making them ideal for golfers who prefer to walk a course. Many also include a cart strap pass-through if you decide you’d rather hitch a ride on a cart.

Cart golf bags - Cart bags are typically larger in size, providing plenty of storage space. Designed to sit on the back of golf carts or buggies, cart bags don’t have legs like stand bags, but do include a cart pass-through system to ensure they stay securely in place on your cart or buggy. Cart bags can be a great option for golfers who like having plenty of clubs, drinks, balls and accessories on hand.

Hybrid golf bags - Hybrid bags are a cross between a stand and cart bag. Slightly smaller than a cart bag, they provide ample storage with the added benefit of retractable legs, offering the versatility of a stand bag.

Golf travel bags - Travel bags, also known as golf travel cases or covers, are designed to house your bag and clubs and keep them protected while in transit. They’re usually made of durable materials like hard plastic or padded fabric, include internal straps to hold everything safe and secure and come with wheels for easy manoeuvrability.

Staff bags - Staff bags (also known as tour bags) are typically larger and more robust than other types of golf bags. They’re designed to be used by professional golfers or serious amateurs who use golf carts or have caddies to carry their clubs. Many can also be embroidered with the name of a golfer or the logo of their sponsor.

Usage Frequency and Playing Style

How often you play along with your playing style will affect the type of golf bag that will suit you best.

Professional golfers and golfers who play very frequently value having every type of club and all the latest gadgets and accessories at their disposal so they can play each shot to perfection. For this reason, they’re generally best placed with a staff or cart bag that offers plenty of storage.

In contrast, amateur golfers who only play occasionally may prefer a smaller, lightweight golf bag to carry the essentials and get them around the course without having to cart around a full set of clubs. In this case, a stand or hybrid bag might be more suitable.

Whether you prefer to walk a course, use a push/pull buggy or ride the course in a golf cart will also be an important factor. While stand and hybrid bags offer versatility to walk or ride, it’s nearly impossible to walk a course with a cart or staff bag in tow.

Storage Capacity and Organisation

Before you buy a golf bag, it’s important to consider what you need in terms of storage and organisation.

Start by considering how many clubs you like to play with. Do you need a full set of clubs or are you happy playing with just the essentials? While larger stand bags typically feature dividers with a 14- or 15-way slot arrangement, smaller stand bags might only include 4 or 5 compartments which can each house multiple clubs.

If you’re highly protective of your clubs, opt for a 14- or 15-way slot arrangement to prevent your clubs from rubbing and rattling against each other. While most premium bags feature full-length dividers to protect the full club shaft, some dividers will only travel halfway down the length of the bag. Also note the greater the number of slots, the heavier the bag is likely to be.

Storage pockets should also be a key consideration. Think about how much you like to take with you on the course—while you’ll need ample space for the essentials like your clubs, balls, a water bottle and some basic accessories, think if you also like to carry items like your phone, sunnies, hat, jumper, vest, range finder, snacks, umbrella and wet weather gear. You can even find golf bags with features like insulated drink holders and integrated shoe pouches!

Durability and Material

Golf bags are typically made from nylon, polyester, canvas, leather, synthetic leather, or a combination of these materials.

Nylon and polyester bags are lightweight and easy to clean, while leather bags offer a more premium appearance. While professionals tend to prefer the premium look and feel of leather golf bags, nylon or polyester bags are very practical, durable and more affordable alternatives.

When buying a golf bag, look for reinforced stitching and sturdy zippers to ensure the bag can withstand frequent use and transportation. Make sure you also check if the golf bag is waterproof or water-resistant. If not, you can always buy a golf bag rain cover to keep your bag dry and protected.

Weight, Portability and Straps

Weight and portability is another key factor when choosing a golf bag.

The material the bag is made from will influence its weight, with lighter bags typically constructed from lower-quality materials. Compact golf bags that include a hand strap, single or dual strap and retractable stand offer optimal portability. Padded straps will also enhance comfort when carrying.

Stand bags tend to be the easiest to transport. They’re typically lightweight, easy to carry and will fit comfortably in the boot of your car or vehicle. Stand bags will also fit comfortably inside a golf travel bag, however, you will be limited to how many clubs you can take with you.

Cart bags are typically larger and heavier than stand bags. Cart bags also tend to fall over a bit, so you may be better off opting for a bag with an integrated stand if you like heading to the driving range regularly.

If you’re unsure which way to go, a hybrid golf bag that strikes a good balance between size, weight and portability could be a great option.

Style and Design

Your on-course style doesn’t just apply to your attire—when it comes to the style and design of your golf bag, there are plenty of options.

Whether you opt for a sleek and minimalist style or you want to go a little bolder in terms of your choice of colour or design is entirely up to you, just be mindful of how well your colour choice will hold up in typical playing conditions. Light-coloured bags won’t hold up well in wet or muddy conditions. Your choice of construction material will also impact how easy it is to keep your bag in mint condition.

Price and Budget

Golf bags can vary significantly in price and you can easily spend a small fortune on a golf bag with all the bells and whistles. 

When buying a golf bag, keep in mind that a high price tag doesn’t necessarily equate to a boost in performance. A cheap golf bag made by a reputable brand can often perform just as well as the more expensive alternatives, provided you choose the right one to suit your needs and preferences.

Find Your Perfect Golf Bag at Golf Clearance Outlet

With golf bags for sale to suit every preference and budget, we’ve got you sorted.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a compact stand bag for the occasional weekend round, a cart bag that comfortably fits everything you could want (and maybe even more), a handy travel bag that will take your game anywhere or a staff bag that will have you looking like a pro, you’ll find it at Golf Clearance Outlet.

If you’re having trouble choosing a golf bag, remember you can always visit a Golf Clearance Outlet store, where one of our golf experts can show you all the options to help you find the perfect bag.

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