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About Our Franchising Opportunities

At The Golf Clearance Outlet, we absolutely love Golf! We love playing it, watching it, talking about it…everything about it!

As a golfer, the thought of getting up every day knowing you will work in the golf industry is what dreams are made of. That’s what we do, and you have the chance to join the family.

The Golf Clearance Outlet has come a long way since our doors first opened in 2006. There have been changes to the way people shop and change to the way people pay for their latest purchases. We’ve seen changes in the way customers prefer to communicate. Even the way we choose to share our experiences or tell our friends about it has changed.

Throughout all the change, there’s a set of core values that have seen The Golf Clearance Outlet thrive, and that's our levels of Service, Value and Customer Experience. With these at the core of what we do, our franchise model delivers a wonderful outcome for the store owner and customers. It might seem daunting at first, running your own business is a bit of a step change from working for the man. You become your own boss, there’s a freedom to the working day that drives you. Don’t think you are on your own though, not at all. We are right there, together every step of the way to make sure you succeed.

Our franchise story started in 2017 at our Narre Warren store in Melbourne’s east. Josh got the keys to the store and got straight to work and his team haven’t looked back. The store has grown in value every year since.

We have an open mind on potential sites across Australia. IF you have an area in mind drop us a line and let's look at it together.

We are very keen to get a Store up and running in Adelaide...

Along with branding and the position we have in the golf business in Australia, the South Australia franchisee will get great exposure in both over the counter sales and all the web orders for the state. This is the only golf franchise business that gives you: 

  • All bricks and mortar sales revenue + the rights to all the eCommerce revenue for South Australia.
  • Full Head office support
  • Exclusive deals and products across the games biggest brands.
    • PLUS LOADS MORE... There’s so much to cover that to try and go over all of what’s possible would make this a very long read. If what you have read so far leaves you wanting more information, then get in touch.