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Business Opportunities

Make the Golf Business Your Business 

Thank you for visiting our website and a special thank you for taking the time to have a look at this section on our business opportunities. My name is Sam Colosimo. I am the Managing Director of the Golf Clearance Outlet group and, because we take a prospective business colleague very seriously right from the start, this is a great time to share some ideas about business and your future.

You are thinking of going into business for yourself because deep down, you know that doing it for yourself is much, much more important to you than holding down a decent job, earning a wage and keeping a boss happy. We understand this …. Going into business for yourself is about money and rewards, that is true, but it is also about other things that mean as much, if not more than, just the material rewards of being in business for yourself. It’s about you reaching out for your potential, removing the shackles of a job, self satisfaction, taking control of your own destiny, testing yourself against the world out there, doing it well and winning.

At Golf Clearance Outlet, we understand this passion, because we have it ourselves. Like you, we have a passion for exceptional customer service, attention to detail and an absolute commitment to working in tested and proven ways that deliver results and working satisfaction. And above all, we love the game of golf with its traditions, challenges and rewards. A successful Golf Clearance Outlet shop part or full owner has a strong sense of wanting to help people enjoy their golf more, he or she deeply enjoys interacting on a daily basis with the people of the golfing community and doing business with them. The love of golf is a common bond between the people who own and operate the golf shops and the customers who come to the shops seeking more enjoyment from their game.

Unlike setting up in business independently and on your own, we have a proven model for doing business and we have already made the initial mistakes inherent in most new business start-ups. A lot of the hard work, wasted time and money have been done for you when you become a Golf Clearance business colleague. You get experience on your side right from the start. This business system, the ongoing training and support, combined with being part of the Golf Clearance Outlet business team, will give you a feeling of balance between running a business on your own and yet still enjoying the benefits of a strong business support network with like minded people.

A Golf Clearance Outlet golf shop is a demanding business commitment not to be undertaken lightly. The successful shop operator knows the value and importance of being personally involved in the “hands on” of the business making sure the critical details are well managed and being highly involved with the shop’s customers. That involvement and commitment makes the world of difference. So if you are reading this, and the words here ring true with you, pick up the phone right now and ring me. Your future is in your hands and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Contact Sam:

Opportunities Available In: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra & Tasmania

Phone: 0401 098 316

Email: [email protected]